Zero To One By Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel presents his rules for adversary startups and thinking.

I believe this book is one of the most important books for beginner, while it might be a small actionable than something like the Lean Startup, it supplies some deeper questions, rules, and act of thinking about the business that will last much longer.

Zero To One is basically a collection of public lecture presentation by Peter Thiel during his teaching years at Stanford. Along with co-writer (and former student) Blake Masters — Thiel has put together a hard-hitting set of common for the businessperson, beginning and thought-leadership to carefully consider when constructing the “next big thing” of the future day

Peter Thiel says that in order to follow in business, you want to build and hold a monopoly. later, we must look into why monopolies are important. Then we must look into how we can look after our monopolies.

Succeeding means that we must look into how we can place personally. We can place personally such that we have a zero to one institution. This takes up the question of why must we have a monopoly.

People must have a monopoly because competition and capitalism are opposites. In capitalism, we can generate Wins. Competition, on the other hand, lowers prices. Lower prices result in lower profits.


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