The Ultimate Secret of Total Confidence By Dr Robert Anthony

This is no way to live! Like so many others, you can now enjoy your own personal success story by understanding the principles of total self-confidence. Here Author clearly explains the secrets he has taught in his seminars and his workshops that have changed thousands of lives. Star athletes, executive businessmen, and celebrities know how total self-confidence can make you special. Let Dr. Anthony mentor you on this step-by-step & day-by-day path toward total self-confidence—in your career, family, love life, finances, and mental and physical health—and achieve a brand-new, totally positive and confident outlook.


  • How to tap into your creative imagination and use it to get what you want.
  • How to clear your mind from fear, guilt, worry, and reverse failure.
  • Learn the most efficient ways to communicate and the art of small talk.
  • The easiest ways to get perspective and set goals.
  • The joys and benefits of being different.


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