Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E Frankl

this Book ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ was first Published in 1946 by Viktor E Frankl. Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl’s memoir has alert generations of readers with its descriptions of life in Nazi death camps and its lessons for spiritual survival. Between 1942 and 1945 Frankl labored in four different camps, while his parents, brother, and pregnant wife crumble. Based on his own experience and the experiences of others he treated later in his practice, Frankl said that they cannot avoid suffering but they can choose how to handle this, find meaning in it, and move forward with reborn purpose. Frankl’s theory-known as logotherapy, from the Greek word logos (“meaning”)-holds, that our primary drive in life is not pleasure, as Freud maintained, but the discovery and inquiry of what they personally find meaningful.

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